10 High-Impact Steps You Can Take Today To Recession-Proof Your Income, Reduce Stress, Stay Sane & Actually Survive “The Great Pause”

A straightforward guide for protecting yourself, your wealth, your health, and your family.

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    Jen Wittman

    Mindful Mavericks Magazine

    Who am I?

    Entrepreneur, Mom, Trained Chef & Creator of Mindful Mavericks Magazine & Mindful Mavericks Business Strategies

    What will you learn?

    • How to protect your business from an economic recession or depression (page 24)

    • Simple ways to create extra streams of income (page 30)

    • A delicious breakfast strategy to keep those pounds from packing on (page 15)

    • Science backed health tips for supporting your family’s health (page 8)

    • Engaging activities to keep your kids occupied so you can work or just have a moment to yourself! (page 17)

    • Resources for reconnecting to your partner and improving your communication with each other (page 13)

    •and so much more!